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I have yet to meet a four-year-old who enjoys standing in line. especially in the lobby of our Museum, where there are so many other things to entice them: a whole rack of brochures positioned right at their height, long rows of purple stairs and, of course, the toy store. 

A few years ago we were talking about family-friendly environments when we realized that our lobby was a problem.  Adults were struggling to keep their children with them and stay in line at the same time.  Even when there were no lines, adults have to check-in, get tickets, stickers, parking coupons, ask questions and find out where thy are going.  All while trying to corral one or more children who have different agendas.  Not a great way to start your day.

To address this challenge, we started a new volunteer position called FunstigatorsFunstigators work in the lobby of the Museum, and their job is to play with kids while adults do all the boring (but important!) work of getting tickets.They may b playing with puppets or tossing footballs or letting kids climb inside the giant Hoberman sphere.  Since we implemented this simple idea, the stress level in the lobby has greatly reduced.  Adults can focus on their business, knowing that their child is within eyesight and having fun.


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