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Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice is entering its last month here at Minnesota Children's Museum. It's been such a popular exhibit, we wanted to share some ways to bring the experience into your home. Try creating your own volcano at home!

Supplies needed:
1/2 tbsp dish soap
1/4 cup white vinegar
1/2 cup baking soda
Red liquid watercolor or food coloring
Tray or cookie sheet
Cylinder shape container for the "volcano" (i.e., toilet paper tube, plastic soda bottle with the top cut off, or a can

In a measuring bowl, mix the vinegar, dish soap, and a few drops of food coloring together.
Place the cylinder on a tray or cookie sheet and place the baking soda at the bottom of the cynider container.
When ready, begin pouring the vinegar mixture on top of the baking soda. Stand back and see what happens.

Suggested adult interactions:
Encourage children to try experimenting with the recipe -- what happens if you add more or less of an ingredient, or compare recipes without soap and with soap. Make predictions as to what will happen.
Try batches with different food coloring and see what color they make when they mix.
Discuss what the children think is happening when the baking soda and vinegar mix.

Skills developed:
Early science of cause and effect, predictions, and experimentation

Reading books:
National Geographic Readers: Volcanoes! by Anne Schreiber
Voyage to the Volcano by Judith Stamper and John Speirs

Adult references:
More Than Magnets by Sally Moomaw and Brenda Hieronymus
202 Oozing, Bubbling, Dripping and Bouncing Experiments by Janice VanCleave

Next time you visit the Museum:
Check out Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice for your last chance to travel back in time to explore the late Cretaceous Period (when the last dinosaurs lived). Closes May 31!

Have you made a volcano at home before?
What are some of the best variations you've tried?


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