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Spring break is a great opportunity to focus on family time and take a real "break" from the normal busy schedule. Some families are able to travel, which is ideal for special activities. In our present economy, however, fewer people are traveling away from home. This is when fun, creative ideas for activities at home come in handy!

Depending on the weather, outdoor activities are fun -- and family exercise is good for everyone!
  • Walk to the park and scavenger hunt for winter nature items; look for animal tracks in the snow.
  • Take water bottles with a squirt top, add water and some food coloring, and head outside for some artwork in the snow!
  • Build a snow castle or snow turle -- a mound of snow with legs, head and shell pattern -- and then go inside and have some hot chocolate while you read books.
Bad weather can present indoor opportunities to play board games together or to create simple, inexpensive artwork.
  • Use recyclables to create a mobile and hang it in your child's room. Talk about the importance of recycling.
  • Curl up and read a chapter book gradually over several days.
  • Make homemade play dough and create exciting pieces of art; display them in your home.


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