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A few young visitors, Soren, Nils and Sigrid, helped us test out a new activity at the Museum: the Flip Camera Project.

We swear we didn’t pay them for their testimonial!

So what is this Flip Video Project?
Two of these portable, user-friendly video cameras will be available for checkout at our Box Office by families who would like to share their experience with family and friends. In some cases, visitors may want to document a visit to give others an idea of what they might encounter if they visit the Museum.

There are a few guidelines for camera use. The first is that the person checking out the camera must be 18 years of age or older and complete a checkout form. This checkout form includes listing an email address so that a link to the videos may be sent to the adult. Additionally, while the cameras are in use, we require a valid driver’s license or state ID as collateral.

Soon after your visit, you will receive an email with a link directly to your family’s video that you will be able to share with others. Select clips will be posted to the Museum’s blog and the Museum's YouTube channel.

Videos will be edited for time and content. Please limit video clips to longer than two minutes. Clips posted will ideally be between 10-45 second long.

• I want to have a copy of my video, even if you don’t select it to be posted.
All videos will have some portion uploaded to YouTube, even if your clip is not selected to be posted on the Museum blog. The Museum will email you the direct link to YouTube that you can send to all your friends and family.

• But I took a much longer video than what you uploaded. I actually took several videos that you didn’t use. Where can I get the whole video / all of my videos?
The Museum reserves the right to edit the videos for content and length. Not all footage taken will be used or uploaded, and we cannot send you the full videos.

• People post nasty comments on YouTube. I don’t want my child’s image sullied in this way. Or, why can’t my mom post a comment about how cute her granddaughter looked with the bubble wand?
The Museum has disabled the comments feature on its YouTube channel to prevent abusive, or “flaming,” language and comments that can happen on the internet. If you do not want your family’s image on YouTube, we do not recommend using the cameras.

Please look for this activity next time you visit! We hope you will have fun with the project and share with your relative and friends all over the world! The project isn't ready QUITE yet, but look for them in the next couple weeks!


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