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Now that you're home from all that exhaustive Black Friday shopping, it's time for a little bubble fun!

The Museum’s bubble area in the World Works gallery is one of the its most popular spots. Bubbles are a great way to discover gravity, air, cause and effect, surface tension and geometric structures. Play along as your child explores properties of bubbles through play!

Make your own bubbles at home and then experiment using strawberry baskets, slotted spoons and other objects as bubble wands. You can make your own bubble wands using pipe cleaners. Just shape one end into a loop for the bubbles, dip and blow!

Don’t have any potential bubble wands lying around? Use your hands! Form your hands into a triangle like. Dip you hands into bubble solution and blow. How many bubbles can you make in one minute? What would happen if we made a really BIG bubble?

Homemade Bubble Solution:

You will need:
1 cup dish soap (original Dawn works well)
12 cups water
*Optional: 2 tablespoons Glycerin (from a drugstore)

Gently stir all ingredients together in a bucket and let bubble solution sit overnight for best results.


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