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We've got a few indoor play ideas for you and your children to experiment with on this dreary October day. All you'll need are a few magnets and a couple other household items and your family can explore magnetic science.

1. Magnet Fishing Game
Make your own fish shapes and cut them out. Attach a paper clip to each fish. Next, make your magnetic fishing pole. You can use a wood dowel or large measuring sticks or anything that you can think of that can be used as a pole. Tie a magnet with string onto the end of your pole. Have fun fishing!

2. Magnetic Adventure
Go on a magnetic treasure hunt. Explore where you live and find out what attracts a magnet and what does not. Give your child a magnet and have them walk around indoors or outdoors and test objects to see whether they “stick” to the magnet. As you are exploring, play “I wonder why” and see what creative and inventive reasons come to mind.

3. Magnetic Magic
Make a magnetic maze. You and your child can simply draw several paths from straight to squiggly on a piece of paper. Draw the paths from one end of the paper to the other. Place a paperclip on the path. Can you guide it along the path, using a magnet underneath? Try it and find out!

4. Magnet To the Rescue
Drop a paper clip into a clear glass of water. Can you rescue the paper clip without wetting either your hand or the magnet? Ask your child this question before you start and brainstorm the possibilities!

Do you have other magnetic games your children like to play?


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