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As the weather takes a colder turn, Minnesotans might like to hunker down for a long hibernation. Resist the temptation! Keep your family active, no matter the weather, by making a family fitness promise.

Make a list of physical activities your family likes to do together. All family members who agree to participate can sign the promise together and be a member of your Fitness Team. Come up with a team name!

  • Go for a family walk around the block. Make the walk into a game where each team member takes turns deciding what kinds of steps, hops, or skips you’ll take.

  • Do active household chores together that require steps like raking leaves.

  • Draw a crazy path on the sidewalk with chalk where you need to jump, hop, skip and walk at different points, or have a hopscotch marathon.

  • Step like a hurrying ant, a lumbering elephant, a prowling tiger or a scared rabbit. Can you think of more fun animal movements?

  • March to your favorite music.

Family Fitness Book List
Children’s Book of Yoga, Games and Exercise: Mimic Plants, Animals and Objects, Thia Luby

Five Kids and a Monkey Solve the Great Cupcake Caper, A Learning Adventure About Nutrition and Exercise, Nina Riccio


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