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There are growing concerns about children’s health today. Reports say nutrition and diets are crumbling, children don’t play outside anymore, and screen time at the computer or television has increased to more than four hours per day. However, you can help your children stay healthy and develop good habits they’ll carry with them into the future by trying a few simple things. Start by helping them participate in fun physical activity for 60 minutes a day. Encourage trying a variety of activities until children find the right activity they love to do. Remember to have fun exercising together. It’s more likely children will increase their activity level and build lifelong healthy habits if everyone is involved and having fun.

The Minnesota Children's Museum offers lots of opportunities in all the exhibits for getting the activity children need. Wiggle, jump and hop to music in Our World. Climb, crawl and walk through different surfaces in Habitot. Keep the conveyor-belt moving at World Works. Or crawl around the Ant Hill in Earth World. Being active can be fun anywhere!

How do you encourage your child to keep active? What kinds of things do you as a family to keep health top of mind?


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